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• These are the bridles parts who should provide you some help to limit the horse mouth opening and to channel the jaw moves while respecting the well-being of the horse and harmony with its rider. You have to be careful regarding the adjustment of it and how you have to locked it to be 100% sure to keep your horse comfortable and safe when you ride with respect for the horse. The noseband locked adjustment should be approximately 2 fingers (in flat position) between the noseband and the chanfrin.
• Each model you will find in our noseband range come from our collaboration with many riders we’re working with all over the world. Each model was created to provide some solutions to the horse riders while guaranteeing the horse's comfort.
• All nosebands fit on S*C heapieces
• A 4mm padding again to provide an optimal comfort at your horse.

• 3 ranges according to your needs: flashs, classics and technicals


S*C flash nosebands were created to combine elegance and comfort with always the S*C innovation touch like for example: flash attachment inconspicuous, noseband double locked with comfortable padding...


S*C classic nosebands are some products you could find already on the market. Specific and technical with different closings systems these kinds of nosebands provide different effects on the horse. Of course, the effects depend of the closing system choose between all available models (figure eight noseband / drop noseband / thin leather or rope material…).


S*C technical nosebands were developed and designed by our research and development department with some high-level professional riders. All technical nosebands were tried many many time to be able to validate qualities, technicalities.

Each noseband was created to respond to a specific need and to have a part in the riders actions efficiency while respecting and well-being of the horse.






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